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  1. ‘’A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” – Mahatma Ghandi.
    Mankind can and will act as one species, improving circumstances for all. Acting like one team we will formulate a simple goal for mankind as a whole: More happiness for all. WTM Nation is based on the empowerment of the individual. A human centered society is taking the place of one that serves institutions.
    Human species as a whole can function like one giant body. In which every cell has a unique, specific task, thereby contributing to the whole. Individuals strive for personal growth and aim to become their own best version. When we aim for personal growth and forget about status and gaining property, we will find and create jobs that suite our personality. Because all contribute to the whole, all have to know what is the aim of mankind as a whole. This way everybody can align his model for personal growth to the aim of mankind. Each individual gives to society according to his ability and receive according to his needs.
  2. Less rules and more personal freedom lead to more happiness for all. The accumulation of (pointless) rules comes forth out of fear to lose control. This crushes personal freedom. Instead of control thinking (which is based on fear)  we can start creating (which is based on love).
  3. In digital and technical advancement as a means of improving conditions of the many. A rising consciousness of the crowd, triggered by the digital revolution. It’s all about sharing knowledge, visions and experiences. Sharing is caring. Wikinomics: the use of mass collaboration and open-source technology, such as wikis.
  4. .   In tolerating differences.
    Respect one another and appreciate the differences, to practice forgiveness and validate uniqueness. A human centered society listens to the needs of people. People are different and have different needs. Being happy is a personal responsibility. And only by tolerating different opinions and grant others their opinion it’s possible to take this personal responsibility for one’s one happiness. Oppression of feelings and ideas leads to mental emptiness. A balance can be found by striving to serve the self as much as the other.  The meaning of life is to enjoy life as much as possible. Church and religion has placed enduring happiness to the after live. If we use love as advisor instead of fear this paradise or heaven can be created on earth. If everybody acts like Earth is Heaven then it is.
  5. Thinking global
    Space and Time are secondary, it’s about action in the here and now. The internet brings likeminded together. Therefor nations and territory are losing their function. The whole world is within reach because of the internet. Most of us notice they have more in common with like-minded people on the other end of the world, then your neighbor: What’s the point of defending a territory?
  6. Free energy
    Aim for happiness companies strive for profit instead of selling the best products. By making better and more enduring products they would save a lot of money and energy on marketing. Capitalism may be the most effective economical system we know, it doesn’t mean improvement is possible. Instead of aiming for more profit the aim of companies and governments can be redirected in: More happiness.



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