We The Many



Richard Feynman legacy lies not only in physics, but (to more people perhaps), in his ability to communicate science, and the love of science. One of my favorite Feynman moments is in this video. I show it to students in a course section I teach about the scientific method: Video We[…]

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We tHe mAnY PaSsworD

WE ThE MaNY PASsWoRD ; I will not forget To remember My Humanity…… 1 Down, you Digital Beast, Easy on my analogue Heart! 2 It’s high time I paused to Take stock
Review my options 3 I am the World In search of a World View 4 I demand:
 A new Magna Carta 
A new[…]

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We believe in We

Get Real To all you dreamers: The time has come to wake up A nd make our dreams reality Way too long we believed we had to think & say what others wanted us to say & think Only because we were afraid of ending up alone being thrown out because our opinion might deviate It’s time for us dreamers to wake up and unite[…]

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Manifesto We The Many

We The Many believe that: 1. Mankind can act as one global being 2. Technology extends our capability 3. Earth can be heaven for everyone Please take the time to read our manifesto and join The Many to create paradise on earth. Click picture for We The Many manifesto:

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The Vision Statement

We believe that media needs to do a better job in inspiring and helping people to imagine a better future via new and sustainable lifestyle. In WTM RADIO we initiate, we listen, we talk – (dialogs broadcasts) , we learn, we work together, we offer support. We want everyone to[…]

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