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The Vision Statement

We believe that media needs to do a better job in inspiring and helping people to imagine a better future via new and sustainable lifestyle.

In WTM RADIO we initiate, we listen, we talk – (dialogs broadcasts) , we learn, we work together, we offer support.

We want everyone to live as sustainably as possible. With minimal negative impact on the world around us. And that in a positive way. We wish to inform audience and to motivate audience to change course. And we want audience there to help . Do everything in a positive way that is contagious. – Because that’s Happy Energy.

In WTM- RADIO that’s what we’re trying to do.

The WTM- RADIO platform is about developing a sustainable lifestyle culture of sharing , for mutual benefits, towards building human centred world .

Everyone can be involved ……We believe that true passion for a cause can be more powerful than any MBA qualification in bringing about real meaningful change.

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