We The Many

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We tHe mAnY PaSsworD


I will not forget To remember My Humanity……

Down, you Digital Beast, Easy on my analogue Heart!
It’s high time I paused to Take stock
Review my options
I am the World In search of a World View
I demand:
 A new Magna Carta 
A new Declaration of Independence
A new Charter of the Rights of Man A new I have a dream! speech
I keep owning things Which keep owning me I have many lifebelts But can’t keep afloat
I’m all dressed up With nowhere to go
I have all the tools
But what is my task? I have all the toys
But what is my game? I’m logged in and on But what do I say?
Where is Anything?
10 Where am I? At the Point of no Return Somewhere Over the Rainbow
11 Why am I ?
Because I can see the Light
12 What am I?
I’m a Baptism of Fire
A Spanner in the Works Unchartered Territory A U-Turn
The Tip of the Iceberg The Genie in the Bottle The Eye of the storm
13 I refuse to have
My future behind me
14 I owe it to Humanity To be a Hero!
15 I have the talent,
I know it, I feel it
16 I grab the steering wheel of history I mobilise and organise
I take control of my life
I forge myself In daily action
17 I Connect with myself
As I do with others @
I make myself useful @
I give back to society
Twice what I take from it
18 I rebel and serve as an example
19 I’m shaking hands With my Extended Self I celebrate my Remix My new iMe
20 I’m conquering The Virtual, 
I’m dancing with it
21 I know what I want And I’m going to get it Only the impossible
Is worth aiming for
22 I Protect our environment Strengthen our community Conquer poverty

Reduce disease, 
Minimise waste
@ Unlock new powers
For abundant and meaningful Life


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