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We believe in We

Get Real

To all you dreamers:

The time has come to wake up A
nd make our dreams reality

Way too long we believed we had to think & say
what others wanted us to say & think
Only because we were afraid of ending up alone
being thrown out because our opinion might deviate

It’s time for us dreamers to wake up and unite
We have been acting like sheep afraid of some lone wolf that might grab us
Although we all know there are no wolfs around anymore
All real threats are under control

We are safe…

We keep on inventing threats because we are used to fear

We create fear by thinking about what

might go wrong and then let that keep us busy

But we ‘re safe as sheeps in a sty

with a fence around

and guards

and security


and a track & trace system

and virusscanners

Actually we are so used to being afraid

that in a way it is comforting us

It keeps our minds busy those fear fantasies

created by Them

But do not forget: Them are Us.

We are preventing ourselves against ?

We are installing restrictions to make the

‘danger’ go away

It seems as fear itself is keeping us together

Would we admit that there’s no danger

that we’re just addicted to the thrill of it

& addicted to a feeling of despair

confirming each other

crying like babies

then we would realize

that we are deliberately avoiding the real questions


why are we here ?

what do I want ?

and how do I succeed in achieving enduring happiness ?

how do we do that together?

That’s what really should have our interest

Ask yourself: What makes you feel good?

Apart from buying stuff

Stuff you don’t need

To impress people you don’t like

Ask yourself

and the answer(s) should direct your live

will bring you to who you really are

 Now that we have the knowledge to create comfort
for all of us with computers, machines, robots, so that we don’t need to work all week

and have time off
extra time

for fun things

for creation

We come from centuries of avoiding pain
& strategies to survive
Now for the first time in history we can make this planet a paradise for all
and since the i-revolution

the more and more people awaken

They understand that religions as we know them have lost their function

We have outgrown them
We are too smart for that ancient storytelling

We grasp there can be no God with a white beard on a cloud who will punish us if we don’t listen

We are not born sinners

begging for mercy

F*** that s***!

 The real God is the one we create today

in our image

We ourselves are creating reality

why not create this reality as beautiful as possible?

All of us together

As one species

Take care of our world

make it the best world possible

for all of us

That ain’t too difficult

It’s fun

it’s fun to create the best world possible

And we can start today

You can start now

By feeling good

That’s a mental state, you can master

You’re able to feel good all of the time

whenever you want

If you believe earth is heaven,

then it is

Stop worrying

Start loving


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